(Base Price $160 + TOUR PACKAGE Price $50.00)

Condition of Competition (C-C) conforming grooves

Model,Finish & Head :   
Right or Left:    
Personalization: Yes(Tour Package)8characters   No  
Select a Colors:   
Maximum of 8 characters
All Capital(A-Z)&Number(0-9)
Straight Freestyle *Snow **Snow Dots
*Snow stamping are up to 2 letters only
**Select a Colors for Snow Dots:   
Toe Engraving:   
Tour Saw BV Custom BV Diamonds Clover  
Toe Engraving Color:   
Select a Shaft Band:  
Shaft laser etching(+$25):
Maximum of 20 characters

All Capital(A-Z)&Number(0-9)
YES(+$25) NO
Select a Shaft:  
Select a Grip*:  
Select a Grip Size:   
Select a Loft:   
Select a Lie:   
Select a Length:      
Swing weight:     
First Name:       
Last Name:  
Shipping Address:  
Zip Code:  

*Not Exact. The final may vary.
Some Custom Options cannot be applied due to the design of the wedge.
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