Eagle USA Price - $449.00

Rapture Fairway Woods

  • The 13-degree Rapture 3-wood is a versatile driver alternative than can inspire confidence while improving your distance and accuracy. Tungsten weighting in the forgiving Ti 8-1-1 head, paired with an extreme high-balance-point shaft, create faster ball speeds for generating distance from the tee or the turf.

  • Tungsten Sole Plate - An injection-molded tungsten sole plate accounts for nearly 25% of clubhead mass, positioning the CG much lower than a traditional fairway wood, resulting in high launch and low spin for added distance.

  • Face Promotes Distance - A tall, extreme-variable-thickness face enlarges the hitting surface for increased forgiveness while accelerating ball speed to generate distance.

PING Wood Standard Custom Options

PING Offers Standard Custom Options from which you can choose a shaft, length of the club, lie angle, and grip size with color code to customize the ideal clubs only for you.

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