Eagle USA Price - $249.00

i25 Fairway Woods

  • Racing Stripes - The same width as a golf ball, the stripes offer a visual cue (consciously or sub-consciously) that can help you aim the clubface accurately, align your body to the target, and assist in taking the club back on the proper path. All of which creates more-consistent clubface alignment at impact, a crucial performance variable.

  • Variable-Thickness Face - A tall, variable-thickness 17-4 stainless steel face maximizes the energy transfer to generate faster ball speeds for greater distance.

  • Tungsten Weights - High-density sole weights lower the CG, helping to reduce spin for a flatter ball flight and a landing angle that maximizes roll out.

  • Trajectory Tuning Technology - Fine-tune your launch angle and spin rate by adding or subtracting half degree of loft on the standard 14deg, 15deg, and 18deg heads. PING's adjustable hosel is easy to use, lightweight and aerodynamically efficient.

PING Wood Standard Custom Options

PING Offers Standard Custom Options from which you can choose a shaft, length of the club, lie angle, and grip size with color code to customize the ideal clubs only for you.

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