Eagle USA Price - $349.99

G25 Driver

  • Large, Forgiving Head - The 460cc Ti 8-1-1 head is PINGs longest and most forgiving, a confidence-inspiring design for gaining yards with the highest degree of accuracy.
  • Trajectory Tuning Technology - The ability to fine-tune trajectory makes it easy to optimize launch angle and spin rate for maximizing distance. Using a PING torque wrench, you can add or subtract 1/2 degree of loft to the 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degree heads.
  • Performance Engineering - The lightweight adjustable hosel has the same outer diameter and mass of PING's traditional fixed hosels and provides the benefits of adjustability (1/2) without sacrificing the performance thats often lost in clubs with larger, bulkier hosel designs. It is highly aerodynamic for generating clubhead speed and ball velocity to achieve greater distance.
  • Solid Feel and Sound - Structural reinforcements in the crown, sole and skirt lend support and provide a solid feel and sound.

  • Standard Shaft - TFC 189D

    PING Wood Standard Custom Options
    PING Offers Standard Custom Options from which you can choose a shaft, length of the club, lie angle, and grip size with color code to customize the ideal clubs only for you.
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