Eagle USA Price - $199.99

G25 Hybrids

  • These traditionally shaped 17-4 stainless steel hybrids are extremely forgiving, launch the ball high, and feel solid at impact. External sole weighting positions the CG low and back for optimizing launch and spin while raising the MOI. Progressive CG locations optimize launch angle and spin rate in each club while creating functional distance gaps.
  • Progressive CG Locations - Ball flight is custom-engineered through progressive CG locations. In the lower-lofted hybrids, weight is low and back to increase the launch angle and spin rate. In the mid and higher lofts, the CG moves forward to minimize spin and keep the ball from ballooning.
  • Forgiving Face - The low toe and heel sections are squared off to create a generous hitting surface and ensure consistent performance, especially on shots struck low on the face, the most common "miss-hit."
  • Traditional Shape - The classic, confidence-inspiring profile has a dark, non-glare finish that eliminates distractions.

Standard Shaft - TFC 189H

PING Wood Standard Custom Options
PING Offers Standard Custom Options from which you can choose a shaft, length of the club, lie angle, and grip size with color code to customize the ideal clubs only for you.
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