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With the highest moment of inertia of any PING putter to date, the Doc17 has been Tour-tested since January, steadily earning the confidence of top players in the world. Now Available in two head sizes ( new Doc15 ) with standard, mid-length and long models, there's a DocTM for almost any golfer's stroke preference

The over-sized putter
Doc15 measures 15 centimeters from heel to toe and is fully machined from high-grade aluminum, creating precision lines and weight placement that expands perimeter weighting to new levels. The new design measures right up to the proposed USGA limit on putter body length of seven inches.

The aluminum body of Doc15, weighing approximately 350 grams, has a electroless nickel- plated finish that creates a rich appearance with reduced glare.

Top Line
The top line, cavity design and crisp machining lines help the golfer align the putter with the target line.

PING Putter Standard Custom Options
PING Offers Standard Custom Options from which you can choose a shaft, length of the club, lie angle, and grip size with color code to customize the ideal clubs only for you.
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